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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fire Alarms = Firemen

The only good thing about firealarms are the Firemen that come with it! Seriously, it's amazing!!

My building has had NINE fire alarms in 2 weeks. 9. NINNNE. That's like, unheard of! Worse than rez, where it was only set off by people smoking up. I wish I knew who was pulling it... not that I would do anything, but I want to be like "STOP IT. STOP IT. STOOOP IT" (yeah, I'm pretty intense like that)

Blarg. I'm getting tired of it though. 4am, 3am, 1:30am-- too early for me!... Although, who needs the gym when you have so many flights of stairs to climb :)

Here's too looking at the bright side! (P.S. I had to add that photo in :D )

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